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The Tax Man Cometh

Unlike the black-hooded, axe-wielding comic strip characters, the IRS allows us to figure our own taxes on or before April 15 each year. Since it’s almost the end of March, tax time is right around the corner. For those who … Continue reading

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This one’s on the house

My house is being foreclosed. What should I do? Facing the loss of your home is traumatic. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. Take steps to deal with it in a productive manner. Respond to the court papers. File … Continue reading

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…But can we still be friends?

What is Collaborative Law? Sometimes the relationship just doesn’t work out. Whether married or not the parties just can’t find a way to live together. Married couples consider divorce. Unmarried couples may look at small claims court to divide the … Continue reading

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What’d you say your name was?

Most name name changes occur at one or both of the most emotional times in someone’s life: marriage and divorce. Either one changes more that just where you live and how you live. It can also change who you live. … Continue reading

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