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Pay to Play?

I lost my job and am behind in child support. The other parent says I can’t see them unless I pay. What can I do? While both issues relate to your children, child support and parenting time are separate issues … Continue reading

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Expunge Bob’s Spare Offense!

The law in Ohio regarding expungement changed effective September 28, 2012. What is expungement? Expungement is the sealing of a criminal conviction so that it no longer appears as a public record. While the record still exists and can be … Continue reading

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Choosey children

Q: Is it age 12 when my child can choose which parent should have custody? A: Under current Ohio law a child cannot choose which parent to live with while a minor. Ohio law used to provide that a child … Continue reading

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What chapter was I on?

There are several options when faced with unmanageable debt. Self-imposed financial restrictions, credit counseling, debt consolidation, debt settlement and bankruptcy are all possibilities. Bankruptcy isn’t for everyone. But if it’s the best option (or only remaining option) available, there are … Continue reading

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Will you or won’t you?

Death is not just for the elderly and infirm. Tragically, lives are cut short every day. A will and estate plan are not about you: they’re about making things easier and less expensive for your family. When there is not … Continue reading

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