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Will Smith inherit or will Jones?

How do I make a Will? A will is a written document that preserves your final requests and gifts. It describes how you want your property distributed after your death and who you want to oversee the process. Ohio law … Continue reading

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A Ticket to Ride

My relatives visited from out-of-state for the holidays and one got a traffic ticket while he was here. Does he need to come back to Ohio to take care of this? It depends on the citation. For a speeding ticket … Continue reading

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Getting all the credit

If I do my own taxes how do I know I claimed everything I should? Certainly this is an area where the paid tax professional can provide a great deal of service. The Internal Revenue Service now requires accreditation and … Continue reading

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If I will, will I?

If I write my own will and get it notarized is it valid? Maybe not. While a last will and testament may be handwritten, to be valid it must be signed and properly witnessed. Ohio law requires that the signature … Continue reading

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