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The Declaration of Independence

In honor of the Fourth of July this week, here is the text of the Declaration of Independence. We should be careful to not let ourselves become that from which we declared our independence in the first place. IN CONGRESS, … Continue reading

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Board Stiff?

I was asked to serve on the board of a local charity. What should I know? Serving as a board member for a charitable organization is an important commitment with specific legal responsibilities. Board members have four legal obligations: a … Continue reading

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What’s the Point(s)?

How many points go on my license for speeding? Ohio revised its traffic laws in 2004. Points for speeding tickets are now based on how much faster than the speed limit a driver was going. Exceeding the limit by 30 … Continue reading

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It Was His ID, Uhh…

What Is an Administrative License Suspension? An Administrative License Suspension (ALS) is a suspension of a driver’s license imposed prior to a court hearing in a drunk driving (OVI) case. The length of the suspension depends on whether the driver … Continue reading

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Super Powers of Attorney

Why Should I Have A Power of Attorney? A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that appoints someone to act on behalf of the person making the POA regarding personal, financial and business matters. Often a POA is … Continue reading

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