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Collecting uncollectibility

Q:        I have no assets and receive Social Security. I have a lot of medical and credit card bills I can’t pay. Is there any reason I wouldn’t qualify for bankruptcy? A:        More information would be needed to be … Continue reading

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A Little Aid, Attendant?

Q:       What is “Aid and Attendance?” A:        Contrary to common usage, Aid and Attendance is not a separate benefit available from the Veterans Administration, but an enhancement of other benefits. Aid and Attendance provides an increase for needed in-home … Continue reading

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Joint Pain? Be A Survivor

Q: My spouse and I jointly own our home. Will the house have to go through probate when one of us dies? A:        In law, specific words are important. Not long ago, most deeds set up ownership as tenants in … Continue reading

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Return to Sender

Q: I need a copy of last year’s tax return and I can’t find it. What can I do? A:        You have three options: a tax return transcript, a tax account transcript, and a copy of tax return. A … Continue reading

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