Parenting a Collaborative Child

Q:        How does collaborative law handle parenting issues?

A:        When parents fight in court, a judge makes decisions about where the children sleep and when how and where they spend time with each parent. As well-intentioned and thoughtful as these decisions may be, the judge often has never met the children and certainly has not experienced the individual daily life of that family. In collaborative, the two people who know the children best – their parents – make a custom plan designed for the children’s specific circumstances.

Collaborative also provides important resources to help parents design their parenting plan. The availability of a neutral psychologist, counselor, social worker or other professional “coach,” can assist the parties in making more informed choices to create an effective, age-appropriate plan and properly address the emotional issues that children of divorcing parents normally encounter. For more information on the role of a coach in a collaborative process, visit the website for the Northeast Ohio Collaborative Professionals,

For legal advice and representation in a collaborative, contact Jennings Law Offices, LLC, for a consultation.

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