Expunged, Job Fair Plans

Q:        My criminal case was dismissed, but it’s still a problem for job applications. What can I do?

A:        If the dismissal is final, the case can be expunged. Expungement seals a criminal case so it no longer appears as a public record, although the case may still be found for limited purposes, such as security clearance. There is no fee for an application to expunge a prior dismissal.

The process involves filing an application in the same Ohio court that entered the dismissal, or in the applicant’s local Common Pleas Court for a dismissal from a federal court or another state. There is no “right” to expungement: the court must weigh the individual’s interest in sealing against the public interest in having the information available. Generally the Court refers the application to the local Probation Department, which researches the applicant’s eligibility and reports a recommendation.

For legal advice and representation in an expungement, contact Jennings Law Offices, LLC, for a consultation.

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