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It Seemed Like a Paternity

Q:        How is Paternity established? A:        A father-child relationship, for legal purposes, can be presumed or established. A man is presumed by law to be the father of a child if: 1) he was married to the mother at the … Continue reading

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Precedence Day

Q:        When was Washington’s Birthday changed to Presidents’ Day? A:        The federal holiday on February 16, 2015, is a picture of bureaucracy in action. George Washington, the first President of the United States of America, was born February 11, 1731. … Continue reading

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ALS – The Less Painful Kind

Q:        What is an ALS? A:        An Administrative License Suspension (ALS) is a suspension of a driver’s license that can be imposed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles before or without a court case. If a driver is arrested for … Continue reading

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Pay to Play? No way

Q:        Why would I try a Collaborative instead of just filing for divorce to get it over with? A:        Either way, at least one party has decided to end the marriage. The difference is how to get there. In a … Continue reading

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